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Data Entry Keyers


Indepth Solutions, Inc.

2710 Sunrise Rim Road, Suite 230

Boise, Idaho 83705 - USA



  • Unequivocally eliminates significant information from legitimate reports into a title search outline and passes the finished thing on to our clients.
  • Utilizes title data to recognize any divided information inside the records that could require further appraisal.
  • Goes probably as a contact between far off researchers and our inside divisions to work with information and got done and somewhat completed title look.
  • Conveys the finished title search directly with the client through email and by utilizing their web based destinations.
  • Utilizes Microsoft Excel to revive resources and precisely perceive client cycles and methodologies.
  • Manages different PC programs meanwhile to really get done with job tasks.
  • Help different sorts of consistent endeavors as they are required.



  • Should solid areas for have, virtuoso, objective reasoning and special attention capacities.
  • Ought to have brilliant formed, phone, email and verbal social capacities.
  • Ought to can tune in, seek after heading and coincide well with others.
  • Ought to have a yearn for data and energy to look out continued with guidance.
  • Ought to have astounding PC course capacities.




  • Least 50 Words every second abilities to create with 0% botch extent.
  • Ought to have knowledge with Microsoft Office. Quick Books experience is inclined toward yet not required.
  • An Associate's Degree or tantamount high level training and also past experience doing data entry is perfect, yet all the equivalent not required. All as of late added colleagues will go through 2 every long stretch of on the spot getting ready paying little psyche to related information.



Job activity Posted 30+ days

Payment $10 - $15 an hour

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